How To Fill Income Tax Return Online

How To Fill Income Tax Return Online
How To Fill Income Tax Return Online


  1. Generally, people in the profession pay income tax
  2. After this, filling an income tax return is also important.
  3. Filling income tax returns is extremely easy

The last date for filing income tax has been completed, and if you have not filed your return, then fill it up. However, you will now be fined. Learn how to make Income Tax Online Filing. The process of making Income Tax Return online is not very difficult. Today we will tell you how to make Income Tax E Filing. You can save time by filling up income tax online.

Follow these steps to fill the Income Tax Return:

➤ To fill in an Income Tax return, first, you have to go to the Income Tax department's online tax filing site After this, we have to register ourselves here.

How To Fill Income Tax Return Online
How To Fill Income Tax Return Online

➤ If you are filing your return for the first time, first click on the 'New Registration' tab and after giving all relevant information, make your profile and password. When creating your User ID, keep in mind that you have an active e-mail id and mobile number and you have provided correct information.

➤ This is necessary because it will be done by the department in communication only. By clicking on the one-time password and the activation link sent via email, the registration process will be completed. If you are already registered then go to 'Registered User'. For any assistance, you can get helpline number by clicking on the 'Customer Care' tab, or call the Customer Care Center.

➤ After that click on the login tab and fill out the required information, your user id, PAN number, password, date of birth (which is on PAN number) and CAPTCHA code. Now click on the login button below.

How To Fill Income Tax Return Online
How To Fill Income Tax Return Online

➤ After signing in, your account dashboard will open, as seen in the picture. Then click on the e-Files tab and select the option of 'Prepare and Submit ITR Online'.

➤ Now, select your relevant form and the year for which you will have to file returns (assessment year). Taxpayers here can fill their address, which is given for the pan, the last time they can fill the returns or the new address. The department asks you to digitally sign your return. If you chose 'Yes' then you will need to upload your signature which needs to be pre-registered on the Income Tax website.

➤ Now click 'submit' and after that, the website will redirect you to the second page to fill the form you choose. Before filling on the ITR form, you should read all the 'General Instructions' given at the beginning of the form so that it is possible to know what to do and what not to do.

➤ After this, you will be asked to fill in different tabs such as general information, income information, tax information and tax refund in the ITR form. Make sure the tax payable in online form matches your calculation.

➤ Before final submission, we recommend that you save the data that is filled up and there is no mistake so please double check it. Once click on the 'Preview and Submit' button, now the preview of your ITR form will be exposed before the final submission.

➤ Once clicked on the 'Submit' button, your ITR will be uploaded and then you will be asked to use the available options to verify the returns.

➤ If you have already registered your digital signature, then you will be asked to upload digital signature only when submitting the final ITR. Once uploaded and submitted, the filing of the ITR is completed and no verification is needed. You will not even need to send a receipt (E-commerce / ITR V) CPC to Bengaluru.

➤ However, if you have not uploaded digital signatures when filing returns, then you can validate your returns with your base OTP or electronic verification method. In addition, you can send the print out of ITR V and send it within 120 days of e-filing to CPC, Bengaluru.

➤ After successfully uploading your returns, a receipt (E-commerce / ITR V) will be sent to your registered email id. This receipt will also appear in your account on the e-filing website, from which you can download it when you need it.

➤ The department will start the process of your ITR when you are notified. After your ITR process, you will be notified through an SMS on the same email and registered mobile number.


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