SEO Practices you should NOT follow anymore

Some old SEO rules which still use a lot and can penalize your site. There are rules for not following rules in 2018

SEO Practices you should NOT follow anymore
SEO Practices you should NOT follow anymore
If you are a blogger and you write for the website, then one more important points to increase your traffic is to be better indexed on the search engine. Content that is first appearing in the search results is called optimization SEO and if done best, then search engines like Google and Bing can be found.

However, in the last few years, SEO has changed, even a few years ago it has been updated, modified and deeply separated. Changing algorithms, research methods, and ever more advanced and functional engines that adapt to changing the human brain, return more and more accurate results.

With the passage of years here, the rules of SEO change and nothing else is to be used anymore. We have collected 5 SEO practices which are now in abuse and should no longer be used as obsolete.

Here are some practical suggestions to follow.

Advice for not following good SEO

We have selected 5 recommendations that are not in our time to create an updated SEO and are not on a past that can harm your site.

Keywords: lots of bad

Use the keywords properly and describe your article clearly but do not use too many keywords in an article.

Keywords, you will have to repeat the title in the title, clearly in the title, in the article's permalink, in the article that opens the section in the subtitle of H2 and then every 150 words in each sentence.

Article Directories

Article directories are the practices that allow you to publish referenced articles on your site. Well, Article Directory does not like search engines. The guest blog is the best example of how today it works best today.

Link exchange

it does not work anymore. Exchange of links with random websites, forums, blogs, and others, does not appeal to search engines. It's more than 10 years that it punishes the site from those sites which do not deal with our area.

To copy

This is a general rule and does not always appeal to the search engine. If a few years ago the search engine was easy to joke by changing the word, then in some clicks the content copied can be identified. Do not copy well and be creative. In both the content and the original article. Then you will succeed

Not only Google

Do you know that Google is not the only one? Ben, there are legends like Bing, Yahoo! And other social networks where to publish our content, thinks different from Google. Creating an SEO that indicates everything on Google is wrong.

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