How to record WhatsApp voice calls

How to record WhatsApp voice calls free:  

Android call recorder app: There is a lot of software or app available in the market to record WhatsApp Facebook or another voice call. Here we are reviewing the best android app for Android smartphone. Today the app we have named are Review  Cube Call Recorder ACR. Let's see what's special about this

With the help of Cube Call Recorder, you can easily record VoIP calls with all incoming and outgoing phone calls.

With the help of this call recorder, you can record the calls of applications given below

  1. Phone calls
  2. Skype calls
  3. WhatsApp calls 
  4. Hangouts calls
  5. Facebook Calls
  6. IMO calls
  7. LINE calls
  8. Telegram calls

We have a few days this app to use on your mobile and call recording app found is better in comparison to other call recorders.

The app's most important is that you do not have to pay anything for it and set forth below, all features are free.

➤ There is a great advantage with this app being free and there is no add show at all.
➤ Very Clear Sound Quality: During the review of this app, the number of call records we found in  that the quality of call recording was very clean and good.
➤ Easy of use: It is very easy to use because its interface is very easy.
➤ Automatically start call record: As soon as the call starts on the mobile, the call recorder              automatically starts.
➤ In this app, this option is that you can call of selective contacts.
➤ This app has an option so that you can also create an exclusion list. This exclusion list can add the names of all the people whose calls do not have to be recorded.
➤ By manually enabling manual recording option you can also disable call record. This will record  the call you want to record.
➤ Easy use: Cube ACR is very easy to manage. It has its own built-in file explorer, which can help  you easily manage mobile call recordings.

There are many benefits to using this free android app but there are lots of limitations in it too. As you can not lock the call record with a PIN number or password, there is no option of cloud backup, cannot save call records in different audio formats, cannot save on SD card, cannot run in stealth mode and Much more If you want all these features then you have to pay for it. All these features are available in the paid version of this app.

Download Cube Call Recorder app click Here
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