Add live chat feature to your website in Easy steps

Adding live chats to a website can expand your system to provide real-time help and information. In fact, do you have e-commerce, technical support, travel reservations and more, it can be useful to add chat to your site to provide real-time support to your customers, quickly, easily and without at a cost.

How to add live chat feature to your website in Easy steps
How to add a live chat feature to your website in Easy steps

We have selected a number of services that allow you to add chats to a powerful and customizable site at any time.

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Olark is another service that allows you to enter multiple operators in chat. Ideal for those who manage many services and answer many operators. Many features like integration with Google Analytics, personalization of chat interfaces, mobile access, report visits, and more. Membership prices for $ 12


Velaro makes its success easier and can manage many operators. There are many integrated tools like operator shift, custom queue management, auto close chat, user block, a report in PDF, Excel or HTML and it is also possible to create a dedicated platform. Prices from $ 65 per operator


LiveHelpNow is best to create live chats with live chat, multi-operator support, easy to configure, set default answers, transfer operators to other operators, user information such as pages and keywords and much more. Perfect for e-commerce prices for every operator $ 19 per month.


Website Alive is very customizable, access to smartphones to respond to chats, client feedback to the operator, monitor live chat performance, and invite users to participate in the chat. Prices of $ 45 per month for 2 operators

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This is probably the most powerful software to add chat functionality. Used by many sites, you also get access to advanced features to present and customize chat on the website. Automatically we'll visit the page and search terms will be inserted on our site to provide more accurate support. Statistics are predetermined, the ability to respond to chat through smartphone and receive notification to each visitor. It spends $ 16 a month but is best in its field.

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