Jabra Elite Active 65t Review

Genuinely remote earphones are extremely popular nowadays, and makers are discharging items at a regularly expanding rate. This time around, we're inspecting the Jabra Elite Active 65t, which bolsters Bluetooth 5.0 and furthermore guarantees great sound quality, up to 15 long periods of battery life, and a safe fit.


We have just looked into the Jabra Elite 65t, which inspired us with its sound quality, and this is a variation of that match of headphones, went for games and wellness aficionados. The contrast between them is that with the Elite Active 65t, Jabra has knocked up the water opposition rating and added some wellness following highlights to the blend. Are these really remote headphones worth their Rs? 14,999 sticker price? How about we discover.

Jabra Elite Active 65t design, comfort, and features 

The Elite Active 65t appears to be indistinguishable to the standard Elite 65t model. Its earpieces are made out of plastic and are ergonomically molded, however, we discovered them a touch excessively cumbersome. The earpieces won't stand out too a long way from your ears and are very agreeable for short listening sessions. Wear them for over 60 minutes, however, and the mass begins to get somewhat annoying. The assemble nature of the earpieces is first class and they feel strong in the hand.

The Jabra Elite Active 65t has an IP56 rating and accompanies a two-year constrained guarantee against water and residue entrance. This implies the headphones ought to be unaffected by even the sweatiest exercise sessions. They have an extremely secure fit and don't drop out - even while running or working out.

The headphones send with a charging case, which is somewhat cumbersome and is anchored by a fastens instead of a magnet. The cover is firmly fixed and it requires a considerable push to open it. The case is manufactured well and feels very strong, however, isn't as premium as the one you get with Apple's AirPods. It has a Micro-USB port at the base. It takes around 3 hours to completely charge the case and earpieces.

Two catches on the left earpiece enable you to skip tracks and modify the volume, and an extensive catch on the correct one gives you a chance to play/stop the music, answer calls, summon your combined telephone's voice aide, and trigger the 'hear through' mode. This mode channels in a touch of outside sound utilizing the implicit amplifiers. It must be noticed that these headphones inactively seal out encompassing commotion and don't have dynamic clamor abrogation. This component functions admirably enough, and we could hear auto horns and move toward vehicles while running.

Music consequently delays when you take either the left or right earpiece out of your ear, and the two earpieces kill when you put the correct one back in the charging case. Telephone call sound just courses to the privilege earbud, which can be somewhat confusing on occasion.

The Elite Active 65t has an accelerometer, which takes into account wellness and execution observing by means of the Jabra Sound+ cell phone application. The application is anything but difficult to utilize however is ease back to perceive the headphones on occasion. There is no auto following and you need to begin an action physically in the application, after which it records the length of the action, greatest and normal advances every moment, and the aggregate number of steps.

This component is awesome for the individuals who essentially need to log their exercises and couldn't care less about highlights like throughout the day step following, programmed practice acknowledgment, and rest following, which are offered by devoted wellness wearables. The data gave is additionally very precise. We contrasted the progression check and our Fitbit Flex and the numbers were pretty much the same.

The retail box contains three arrangements of superb silicone tips, which take into consideration a decent lot of individual setup. Froth tips, which offer far superior seclusion and solace, would have been acknowledged at this cost.

Jabra Elite Active 65t sound quality and battery life 

The sound on offer is fresh and nitty-gritty, and there is a strong feeling of adjusting to it. No recurrence band eclipses the others. The bass is tight and punchy, with great effect. The mids are marginally subdued, however stable normal. The highs are clear and exact.

Where these headphones beat other genuinely remote choices is the remarkable detail and lucidity on offer. Instrument division is awesome and everything sounds particular and exact. Each instrument sparkles in complex, thickly layered tracks, for example, Radiohead's Airbag and Two Door Cinema Club's Undercover Martyn.

Clamor separation is additionally magnificent. On account of their safe fit, these headphones seal most encompassing commotion out, even at low to medium volume levels. The Jabra Sound+ application has an equalizer that gives you a chance to modify the sound quality to your taste.


Battery life is very great. The earpieces themselves last near five hours on a solitary accuse of music playing at 70-80 percent volume. The included remote case can completely charge the headphones twice. A consolidated battery life of 15 hours probably won't be portion driving, yet is very great.

There are four amplifiers - two on every earpiece - for surrounding commotion diminishment, making this a standout amongst other sets of really remote headphones for voice calls. We encountered no issues while on calls amid our trial. We likewise utilized the Jabra Elite Active 65t with a plenty of video sources, from YouTubeto Amazon Prime Video, and did not encounter any video-sound adjust issues.


The Jabra Elite Active 65t positions among the best matches of really remote headphones we have tried to date. These headphones convey stellar sound quality, great battery life, a safe and stable fit, brilliant mouthpieces, and incredible clamor segregation. The IP56 rating and wellness and execution observing highlights simply add to the interest. All isn't smooth cruising, however. The ear tips are to some degree massive and awkward for delayed utilize, and the case is a bit fiddly.

In the event that you are hoping to cut all ropes and are not willing to forfeit sound quality simultaneously, the Jabra Elite Active 65t may be precisely what you are searching for. The IP56 rating, secure fit, and clever action related highlights additionally make these headphones a strong choice for wellness devotees. Those not inspired by the wellness highlights can investigate the Jabra Elite 65t, which costs around Rs. 1,000 less and furthermore conveys extraordinary sound quality.

Value: Rs. 14,999 

Masters                                                                                       Cons 

Good battery life                                                                                   Bulky earpieces
IP56 residue and water obstruction                                                   Fiddly case
Secure and stable fit
High-quality amplifiers
Crisp, adjusted sound

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