How to Stop Google From Tracking Your Location

Google Is Tracking You: How to Stop It and Delete Past Location Data

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How to Stop Google From Tracking Your Location

Regardless of whether you have Location History off, Google regularly stores your exact area. Here's the manner by which to erase those markers and some best-exertion rehearses that keep your area as private as would be prudent. 

In any case, there's no panacea, in light of the fact that essentially associating with the Internet on any gadget hails an IP address that can be topographically mapped. Cell phones additionally associate with cell towers, so your bearer knows your general area constantly.

How to stop Google from tracking you

1. For any device:

Start up your program and go to (You'll be signed into Google) On the upper left drop-down menu, go to Activity Controls. Kill both Web and App Activity and Location History. That ought to keep exact area markers from being put away to your Google account.

Google will caution you that a portion of its administrations won't fill in also with these settings off. Specifically, neither the Google Assistant, a computerized attendant, nor the Google Home brilliant speaker will be especially helpful.

2. On Android: 

Under the primary settings symbol tap on Security and area, look down to Privacy heading and tap Location. You can flip it off for the whole gadget.

Utilize App-level authorizations to kill access to different applications. Dissimilar to the iPhone, there is no setting for While Using. You can't kill Google Play administrations, which supplies your area to different applications on the off chance that you leave that administration on.

Sign in as a visitor on your Android gadget by swiping down from best and tapping the descending confronting caret, of course on the middle symbol. Know about which administrations you sign in on, similar to Chrome.

You can likewise change web indexes even in Chrome.

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3. On iOS:

On the off chance that you utilize Google Maps, change your area setting to While Using the App; this will keep the application from getting to your area when it's not dynamic. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and from that point select Google Maps to make the alteration.

In the Safari internet browser, consider utilizing a web index other than Google. Under Settings Safari Search Engine, you can discover different alternatives like Bing or DuckDuckGo. You can turn area off while perusing by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Safari Websites, and swing this to Never. (This still won't keep publicists from knowing your unpleasant area in light of IP address on any site).

You can likewise turn Location Services off to the gadget totally from Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps will even now work, however, they won't know where you are on the guide and won't have the capacity to give you headings. Crisis responders will at present have the capacity to discover you if the need emerges.

How to delete past location tracking Google has on you

On the page, search for any section that has an area stick symbol next to Details. Tapping on that flies up a window that incorporates a connection that occasionally says From your present area. Tapping on it will open Google Maps, which will show where you were at the time.

You can erase it from this popup by tapping on the route symbol with the three stacked specks and afterward Delete.

A few things will be gathered in surprising spots, for example, point names,, Search, or Maps. You need to erase them thing by thing. You can discount erase all things in date ranges or by benefit, however, will wind up taking out something other than area markers.
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